Event and GO Organizer, Zine Moderator

Here to offer my house as a warehouse
Mostly CN/JP fandoms
Head of Natsu Club
Shop: Etsy, BigCartel (lower prices)

pfp by @irkg_GI


↪ Pronouns: she/her
↪ Anime/manga, novels, some webtoons
↪ GOs and Zines
↪ Stationery and custom collages (Etsy)


↪ Mandarin Chinese or French to English TL
↪ General project management
↪ Gathering, organizing and shipping merchandise
↪ Spreadsheets!!
↪ Finding and communicating with manufacturers

Current Fandoms

JP Fandoms
↪ Naruto
↪ Haikyuu
↪ various other shonen and sports haha
CN Fandoms
↪ Genshin Impact
↪ The King's Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou)
↪ Link Click
↪ MXTX novels (esp MDZS)
↪ various other danmei

Ongoing Zines

Genshin ImpactSummertime OdysseyHead, FinanceUpcoming
Genshin ImpactSpectacle of RainHead, Finance, Shipping, SocMedApplications
Honkai Star RailSolstice: Jing Yuan ZineFinance, ShippingCreation
Link ClickDive Back In Time Vol 2Finance, ShippingCreation
Link ClickTimelapseFinance, ShippingCreation
Genshin ImpactSwirling SeasFinance, ShippingCreation
Genshin ImpactForest Watcher's HandbookOrganization, SocMedProduction
Genshin ImpactAdventurer's HandbookHead, Finance, Shipping, SocMedLeftovers
Genshin ImpactTo CelestiaFinance, ShippingLeftovers
Genshin ImpactTriple TroubleShippingProduction

Completed Zines

Genshin ImpactWishing on DandelionsSocial MediaCompleted
Link ClickDive Back In TimeFinance, ShippingCompleted
Haikyuu!!In This Life or The NextFinance, ShippingCompleted
Genshin ImpactFriends ForeverShippingCompleted
Genshin ImpactAbyssal HeartsCo-ShippingCompleted
Genshin Impact放浪秋Co-ShippingCompleted
Genshin ImpactReignCo-ShippingCompleted
Genshin ImpactArt of ExorcismCo-ShippingCompleted

Group Orders

Genshin ImpactGenshin Poker InazumaCompleted
DanmeiTreasure ZineCompleted
Genshin ImpactGenshin PokerCompleted
The King's AvatarAvatar PinsCompleted
The King's AvatarBirthday Pins (YX, HST, WJX)Completed

Most orders are not conducted on Twitter but on Discord, hence the links to pictures


The King's AvatarWhite Day Gift Exchange 2022ModeratorComplete
The King's AvatarBig Bang 2022ArtistComplete